Alhambra’s stand-up desk calendars for 2013 contain 365 classical and contemporary poems by more than 300 poets each. Poetry from different eras and poetry movements is included, with a particular emphasis on contemporary poetry. The calendars are bound in a spiral so there is no need to tear off pages and they can be used later as a reference book.

DEUTSCH DEUTSCH (für junge Leser)
Der deutsche Lyrikkalender 2013
Der deutsche Lyrikkalender für junge Leser 2013
ENGLISH ENGLISH (for young Readers)
Alhambra Poetry Calendar 2011
Alhambra Poetry Calendar 2013 for young Readers

Praise for the Poetry Calendar

“What fascinates and pleases about this calendar is the way time is kept track of (it IS after all a calendar) but also shaken up, stirred, and still clarified. We might read Keats one day and Billy Collins the next, and that seems exactly as it
should be.” – Robert Wrigley

“The surprise and delight of poetry is enhanced by the free-standing format of the international Poetry Calendar edited each year with great care and wisdom by Shafiq Naz. The poem assigned to each day stands alone, like the day itself, singular and arresting, inviting your full attention and delivering in return so many unexpected pleasures.”
Brigit Pageen Kelly

“I read it straight through right away and found happy surprises – deft and touching poems I didn’t know both by poets I knew and poets I didn’t.  For the poets I didn’t, it led me to looking up more of their work
Michael Ryan

“Really, there is only one tense in poetry: the present. So here we have a calendar, the days passing unstoppably, and poems from several centuries, poets living and dead, answering back in the present tense.” – David Constantine

“The Poetry Calendar provides 365 moments of calm contemplation for anyone rushing through a too-busy year. The selection of poems is deep, rich, surprising, and inspiring for readers and writers alike.”
Elizabeth Spires

“The magic metronome of The Poetry Calendar both keeps the time, and surprises us every day with a new voice, a fresh possibility we might not have discovered except that it appears before us at the flip of a page.” – Molly Peacock

“With its ever-changing array of strong poems and ingenious design, the Poetry Calendar gives any poetry reader 365 reasons to get up in the morning.” – Susan Stewart

What I admire most about the Poetry Calendar is the elegance of the idea and the product. It is exquisitely made and offers us range, surprise and excellence—a timely reminder of how poetry is founded in the everyday. – Tim Liardet

“It’s hard to find good poetry anymore, but Shafiq Naz is up to the task, discovering and rediscovering poems as diverse as the sensibilities that created them, arranging his choices so that a single year assumes an unpredictable emotional rhythm we poetry lovers just flat-out love to dance to.  The Poetry Calendar, along with apple fritters and cheap black coffee, has given me yet another reason to get up in the morning.” – Peter Johnson

“The Poetry Calendar is rich in surprises, non sequiturs, occult associations across centuries. Most of all, it is guided by an eclectic but uncompromising sense of excellence. It is a pleasure to turn each page and to see what the next day brings in the paced contemplative exercise of the new poem.” – Rosanna Warren

“The works in the Poetry Calendar – as diverse and distinctive a gathering of voices as can be imagined – offer a way to begin each day newly awakened, newly convinced that words are not the end of thought, they are where it begins.”
Jane Hirshfield

“Not only is the Poetry Calendar a wonderful compendium of contemporary writing (and writing through the ages) - it’s also beautifully put together. Using it, its design emerges more and more as VERY practical – but so (speaking as an editor) does the sly, witty juxtaposition of poems.  It’s a triumph!” – Fiona Sampson

“It’s really a wonderful way to organize what is really a poetry anthology but with a completely unpredictable order of events, which seems like the very best kind.” C.K. Williams

“The Poetry Calendar is meticulously and interestingly ordered. Shafiq Naz’s editing reminds me of the self-effacing efforts of the best DJs as they seamlessly segue from track to track.” – John Hennessy

 “The thing that continues to amaze me is that this is a major anthology and Shafiq Naz plans to put one of these together each year.  Most people would relax, exhausted, after just the one!  When I say ‘a major anthology,’ I mean in flipping the pages day after day, one meets with beautiful, challenging work day in, day out.  No clunkers.” – James Cummins

“The Poetry Calendar is a beautiful production - the perfect enticement to read a poem a day.” – Robert Minhinnick

“A wonderful, simple, eloquent way of adding poetry to dailyness.” – Eavan Boland

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