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These stand-up desk calendars in English (Poetry Calendar 2007), French (L'année en poèmes 2007. Calendrier de la poésie francophone), and German (Jeder Tag ein Gedicht 2007. Der deutsche Lyrikkalender.) contain 365 poems each by 330, 290, and 270 poets respectively. There is also an index by author/poem. Poetry from different eras and poetry movements is included. Contemporary poetry is also well represented. The calendars are bound in a spiral so there is no need to tear off pages and they can be used later as a book.
English calendar
Calendrier français


Praise for the Poetry Calendar

‘It’s really a wonderful way to organize what is really a poetry anthology but with a completely unpredictable order of events, which seems like the very best kind.’
C. K. Williams

‘Poetry Calendar is a clever, elegant calendar of poems, and my wife and I really enjoy reading them day by day or sometimes catching up at the end of the week. Poems are terrific, and so wide ranging in time, and in aesthetic styles. It’s a great joy to be introduced to poems in this way.’
Tony Hoagland

‘I always mean to start the day by reading a poem. The Poetry Calendar makes this easy.’
Linda Pastan

‘The works in the Poetry Calendar – as diverse and distinctive a gathering of voices as can be imagined – offer a way to begin each day newly awakened, newly convinced that words are not the end of thought, they are where it begins.’
Jane Hirshfield

‘Alhambra Publishing’s Poetry Calendar is the best thing for poetry-lovers since the invention of the wheel! And a poetry wheel of days is exactly what it is, each day’s entry a memorable poem by poets ranging from classic to contemporary. Editor Shafiq Naz has given us an indispensable collection of poems to be savored day by day.’
Kathryn Stripling Byer

‘A wonderful, simple, eloquent way of adding poetry to dailyness.’
Eavan Boland

‘The thing that continues to amaze me is that this is a major anthology and Shafiq Naz plans to put one of these together each year. Most people would relax, exhausted, after just the one! When I say ‘a major anthology,’ I mean in flipping the pages day after day, one meets with beautiful, challenging work day in, day out. No clunkers.’
James Cummins

‘The Poetry Calendar is soul food you can eat at your desk.’
Marvin Bell

‘The Poetry Calendar is a beautiful production - the perfect enticement to read a poem a day.’
Robert Minhinnick

‘I cheated and read the Poetry Calendar as a book, a book of startle and beauty, of days and minds I’d like to live.’
Bob Hicok

‘What fascinates and pleases about this calendar is the way time is kept track of (it IS after all a calendar) but also shaken up, stirred, and still clarified. We might read Keats one day and Billy Collins the next, and that seems exactly as it should be.’
Robert Wrigley

‘With the Poetry Calendar on my desk, I wake to words and praise the day.’
Grace Schulman

‘The Poetry Calendar is meticulously and interestingly ordered. Shafiq Naz’s editing reminds me of the self-effacing efforts of the best DJs as they seamlessly segue from track to track.’
John Hennessy

‘Alhambra’s poetry calendar is like a vitamin that guarantees me an extra charge of energy every day when I arrive at my office, and I depend upon its wide array of poems to remind me how crucial wrought and ordered language are to the survival of the spirit.’
R. T. Smith

‘Here is a perfect daily way to experience the magic of poetry.’
Edward Hirsch

‘The Poetry Calendar is an ideal gift for those who might not otherwise have quality contemporary poetry and classic poems brought so quietly and meaningfully into their lives.’
Dick Allen

‘Poetry Calendar is as various - excitingly so - as Heaney and Hughes’ “Rattle Bag,” only more useful day to day!  A poetry wonder all year long.’
Don Share

‘Each day brings me a surprise – an old poet, a new one, so many fine poems, and so unique, each day.’
David Baker

‘I haven’t waited for the new year to commence to begin reading the poems there, and have been pleased and impressed with the quality of the work. I’m also impressed with the arrangement of the selections, the way the poems complement and enhance each other.’
Michael Waters

‘Shafiq Naz has gathered together a rich and diverse sampling of lively, accessible, thought-provoking poems. Each day’s poem brings fresh inspiration and pleasure.’
Joel Brouwer




© Alhambra Publishing

 All rights reserved


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